Custom Brio Build 

Ballurio Guitars Offers a service called MyBuild, below is an excerpt of a typical clients view of the their guitars build process.

Entry Update Description
18 Guitar Shipped. 

Guitar is ready for build out, front view back view
16 Body buffing completed, fret and fingerboard finishing completed
Next: Hardware placement & Electronic outfitting.  
14 Guitar is in Hang Room curing.
Next: Finish buffing, fret and fingerboard finishing and start of build out.
14 Body finishing completed, fabrication of control plate cover and truss cover, completed.
Next: Guitar is in Hang Room curing.
13 Neck finishing completed, body finishing in process.
Next: Completion of body finishing and curing period.
Guitar in finishing.  First to be completed will be the Tung Oil neck.  This will provide a very fast and light feeling neck for smooth hand transitioning.

Next:  Will complete neck finish, and start body finish.  This finish is a rather lengthy process.  The process will consist of approximately 2 weeks of finishing with a 2 weeks cure time, after this it will go into a finish finalization. 

11 Completed neck & body sculpturing, finish sanding completed, grain filled, emblem inserted, currently acclimating prior to finishing process.  Next finishing process started.
10 Next: Neck sculpturing, final sanding, filling & start of finishing process

Fingerboard Marriage   First Full View, Body Sculpturing completed, all cavities.
8 Final Body Sculpting, fret job, & fingerboard attachment
Headstock glue up lamination consist of front & back 3 contrasting layers Walnut + Maple Black + Maple Blond Veneer.
6 Next: Glue up of Headstock, fingerboard with rough in standing

Top glued up with all cavities cut.  Recessed Hotshot Tremolo, recessed knobs etc. Back with all cavities cut.
4 Next: Top rough in, cavities.
Neck Glue up, Northern Ash with Black Walnut Center Strip. Northern Ash Wings with ETR Glue up.  Carbon Rod installation and Truss Routed. Front & Back View of Guitar Framework.  Grain Match-up came out good! Highly Figured Black Walnut Glue Up.
2 Wood selection, sized and planed next step neck & body top glue up
1 Custom Brio, Configuration:
  1. Northern White Ash Body & Neck
  2. Figured Black Walnut full top
  3. Ebony bound Ebony fingerboard with standard GMOP markers
  4. GMOP Body & headstock logos
  5. Figured Black Walnut headstock
  6. Balanced set of S1.DCSA (AlNiCo) Pickups
  7. Electronics - Master Volume, 5-Way Selector with 6-Way Tone
  8. Black Hardware with Standard set with Hotshot Tremolo
  9. Finish: (Body) Polymerized hand rubbed high luster Tung Oil,  (Neck) Tung-Oil