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Ballurio Guitars: Protecting your Investment

Your Ballurio Guitar is a handmade guitar and with proper can should last a lifetime. This is a fine and responsive musical instrument and attention has been paid to the way it feels, its tone and appearance. You can maintain the value of your investment by paying attention to your guitar’s environmental needs, providing simple and reasonable attention to keep it in tip-top-shape.

A dry environment:
Purchase a hygrometer and use it to measure moisture in the environment. Many retail stores such as Target, Walmart, etc. carry inexpensive hygrometers. Keep the hygrometer with your guitar. If the humidity is too low (less than 40%) add a little moisture to the environment with a humidifier. Many products that help to maintain the moisture in your guitar’s case are available through various Guitar and Music shops. A good rule of thumb is to keep your house at 45% relative humidity (RH).

Exposure to Light:
All wood is photosensitive, and any light source (including artificial light) will eventually change its color.  Exposure to direct sunlight will accelerate the natural mellowing process. Exposing wood to direct sunlight also causes aging and, in some cases, unattractive spots can develop in only a few days.  These spots are permanent - nothing can be done to remove them. 


A guitar left in its case unattended for a year or two may be a mess - cracked seams, jutting frets, loose tuners, etc. These are all caused by a lack of humidity. Keeping your guitar in its case does protect it, but it will still require care.

Environmental damage to your guitar is not covered under its warranty!

Ugly Scenario (We’ve seen this many times)...

Guitar sitting in the sun in its case on a warm afternoon: 30 minutes + 110 degrees = soft glue, combined with the tension of its string... warped neck. Don't store your guitar in the car trunk and do not leave it sitting in the sun.

Heat damage to your guitar is not covered under its warranty!

Remember your warranty is only good if you maintain your guitar. For the first three years we will look at it yearly, you are responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance to and from Ballurio Guitars. Arrange a checkup every two to three years after that to help keep your guitar in great shape. Ballurio Guitars wants you to enjoy your guitar and will assist with keeping in in good health. Maintaining a guitar is simple, it just requires common sense and a little care!