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Ballurio Guitars: Finish Care

As with all fine instruments, the finish on a Ballurio Guitar is hand-done. The finish is very durable but still requires care. Please keep your guitar clean using only a 100% cotton cloth to dust it (a plain cotton T-shirt or the Ballurio Microfiber Polishing Cloth are excellent options). Use only Ballurio Premium Paste Wax (a sample is included) sparingly, to help maintain your guitar’s luster. Sweat can dull your guitar’s finish. When you’re done playing, wipe off your guitar to help protect the finish. DO NOT USE Silicon based waxes, which can seriously restrict repairing your guitar’s finish (should such repairs ever be necessary), or Lemon Oil, which over time will dull the finish of your guitar such that you will not be able to get back the original luster.

Note: You can also review the time intensive process that we go through when finishing guitars in the Custom Guitar Section under On Finishing.