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Ballurio Guitars: Artist Endorsement & Sponsorships  

On "endorsements" or "sponsorship" opportunities...

Ballurio Guitars is a small company and we have an "Artist Program" that fits the company.

We do not give away guitars, nor do we pay for sponsorships, because we do not mass-produce our custom guitars. Each one is handcrafted - an expensive and time consuming process.

Our "Artist Program" is as follows:

Ballurio Guitars will provide heavy discounts in exchange for very high exposure of the guitar(s) purchased. So, if you’re going on tour, doing public appearances, TV/Video work, etc., and dig our guitars, you may qualify.

We are currently accepting two endorsements per year into the Artist Program.

If you are interested and think you may qualify, please e-mail us at AP@ballurio.com to arrange sending us your promo package.