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Owner Support Programs:

Ballurio Guitars is dedicated to supporting you before, during and after you purchase one of our guitars.

To ensure that you are happy with your Ballurio Guitar, we provide the following services and support programs.

Program Description Duration/Limitation Notes
Lifetime Warranty See: Standard Warranty Page Lifetime for original owner  See warranty for limitations
Flexible Payment Plan See: Flexible Payment Plan Available on select guitars Available to first time buyers
Settling In Service Option Free servicing of your guitar 90 days after purchase to ensure that your guitar remains in tip-top shape, see Settling In Service.
  • Available for only 90 days after purchase.

  • Owner is responsible for the cost of  shipping and insurance to and from Ballurio Guitars.

Does not need to be executed to ensure warranty.
My Build - Build Monitoring Service Web-based service that provides a weekly update on the status of a client's custom build.
  • Available on all custom builds.
  • Login ID provides access to a Web area containing an up-to-date description of work completed on your build.
Information is updated at least once a week usually on Friday.
Yearly Maintenance Plan This provides the original purchaser  yearly cleaning, neck adjustment, and electronics cleaning services. A finish touch up is also available for a nominal fee.
  • Only available to the original owner.
  • Option must be executed within 30 days of the purchase anniversary.
  • Free for the first 3 years
  • Owner is responsible for shipping and insurance to and from Ballurio Guitars. 
  • Contact Ballurio Guitars prior to shipping for available "touch up" services. 
  • A yearly reminder for your upcoming anniversary is sent by Ballurio Guitars.
After the third year a nominal fee will be charged should the owner wish to continue the service.
Trade In/Up This plan allows you to purchase another Ballurio Guitar using your current Ballurio Guitar as a down payment.
  • Available to the original purchaser of guitar only.
  • Based on condition of guitar.
  • Value is the agreed upon value set by Ballurio Guitars and original purchaser.
Ballurio Guitars has complete discretion over the execution of this option.