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Ballurio Guitars Guitar Models - Current Ebay Auctions

Model Number


Base Price

Fixed1 Hotshot Tremolo

Floyd     Rose     

Archer Type

Custom Laminated Walnut & Mahogany Body with Walnut Neck & Ebony Fingerboard Call  Call  Call 
AR.C2S1 Maple top with Ash Body, Maple Neck & Maple Fingerboard $3,295 $3,495 $3,595

Artist Type

BA.B3S1 Maple tone body, Walnut top & back with Maple & Walnut neck $3,295 $3,495 $3,595
BA.A1S1 Performance Series Basswood Body with Single Piece Maple Neck $2,695 $2,895 $2,995
BA.F3V1- Echo Chambered four-piece Mahogany body with center Walnut veneer and top and back binding with Mahogany & Walnut neck $3,495 $3,795 NA
BA.J3V2- Echo Top-bound chambered two-piece Mahogany body with Mahogany & Walnut neck $3,295 $3,595 NA
Echo - Custom Koa Top-Back with Maple Veneer and Mahogany body with Mahogany, Maple & Walnut neck Call  Call  Call 

Brio Type

BR.A1S1 Solid Ash Body with 1 Piece Ash neck $2,295 $2,495 $2,595
BR.D1S1 - Pro Solid Ash Body & Figured Walnut top with one-piece Ash neck $2,495 $2,695 $2,795
BR.K1S1 - Custom Solid Ash Body & Book-matched Figured Walnut top, three-piece Ash & Walnut neck with Ebony fingerboard $3,295 $3,495 $3,595

Lingo Type

LI.A2S1 Solid Mahogany Body with book-match Mahogany Neck, Walnut Fingerboard $2,695 $2,895 NA


Archer Type

SAD6F Archer  Deluxe Fixed Bridge $1,295 NA NA

Lingo Type

SLS4F Lingo Standard Fixed Bridge $1,295 NA NA
SLL6F Lingo Limited Fixed Bridge $995 NA NA

Quill Type

 SQD4F - SQD4T Quill Deluxe Models Fixed & Tremolo  $995 $1,295 NA
SQD6F Quill Deluxe Fixed Bridge  $995 NA NA

1 - Price on standard recessed Tune-O-Matic style fixed bridge