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Handcrafted, what does that really mean?  At Ballurio Guitars it means attention to detail and that every aspect of our guitars are given "hands-on" attention.  We hand build each guitar to ensure not only a unique instrument, but also an instrument that will perform and look great for many years.  We handcraft every aspect of our guitars from the body to the control cavity plate and pick guards.  Each of our guitars goes through an extensive finishing process that takes a little over a month to complete, it is time consuming and tedious work. The resulting finish is a durable finish with a luxurious sheen that allows the wood to breath.  The finish will age and mature gracefully, improving and mellowing with the years.  We extend handcrafting to our pickups.  We were just not happy with mass produced pickups from other vendors, so we invested  a large amount of time, effort and money, in not only developing our own pickup architectures but also building the machines to produce our pickups.  Once you play one of our guitars, feel the wonderful warmth of natural woods and finishes, the smooth lines of hand sanded woods, custom pickups and hand wired electronics, you'll agree that these are really exceptional guitars!  And feel free to fall in love with a Ballurio Guitar since you won't suffer from the Custom Guitar market "sticker shock"  with our competitive pricing.