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At Ballurio Guitars we continue to improve our existing guitar products and components as well as developing new products and options.  For the year 2006 we will be offering new products in the following four areas:

Category 2005 - 2006
Guitar Types Three new types: A classical design and modern design with great lines as well as a new hybrid electric acoustic.
New Models Three new models: New Artist & Echo Models.
Pickups Two new pickup designs: 1 series for aftermarket sales consisting of both humbucker and single coil designs and a new series with some exciting new architectural and magnetic options.  We will also be introducing a set of low impedance S1.DCSA. 
Hardware New Fixed Bridge: We are currently finishing the design of an improved fixed bridge design.
Hardware New Aluminum Knob Options: We will be introducing a new line of machined aluminum knobs.  Available in various anodized colors.