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From K B Ballurio

My love for guitars started at a very young age. By the time I was 18 years old I was constructing my first electric six string guitar… a Brian May Model. I figured that if he could do it so could I.

This was the beginning of the journey that has culminated in the creation of Ballurio Guitars. As a guitarist, recording artist and guitar collector, I have a unique perspective on what it takes to build guitars. At Ballurio guitars, I personally hand select all the woods used in each guitar and oversee every aspect of the instrument’s construction. 

Today, Ballurio Guitars Custom Shop (located in Northern Virginia just outside of our Nation's capital) focuses on designing and building the fine handcrafted guitars by following three principles: 
1) Use of the best construction techniques to build an heirloom quality guitar, 
2) Ensure that all woods used in our guitars offer exceptional acoustical properties, and 
3) Ensure that each of our guitars is unique in appearance, sound and quality

We outfit all of our instruments with the finest components, blending traditional and non-traditional elements. We take the time to ensure that each piece of wood is the highest quality with superior stability and appearance. After this intensive wood selection process, we want to “show off” the natural beauty of these woods (wood grains, colors and textures) by using a natural finish. After exploring a number of finishing techniques and sealing processes, we have established a proprietary process that enhances both the sound and appearance of the wood used in each guitar.  Additionally we are now offering the state of the art in finishing that is both environmentally kind without losing the properties of a good modern finish.  With this finishing technique we offer an array of colors include solid, transparent, burst and metallic flake.  The result of our care and attention to detail results in each Ballurio guitar being unique – no two are exactly alike. 

To further ensure the unique qualities of each guitar, we use pickups that have been designed and developed in-house. Our pickups are meticulously handcrafted to meet the high quality standards we demand. These custom pickups are the perfect complement to each Ballurio guitar.

At Ballurio Guitars, our goal is to continue designing and developing new and exciting models using the best materials, components and techniques available.

In short… 

"We are committed to building exceptional guitars!" 


K B Ballurio