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Flexible Payment Program:

To make it simpler and more affordable for you to acquire a Ballurio guitar, we offer a Flexible Payment plan on select Ballurio Guitars.

Your payment for your new guitar can be made in three equal installments. The first payment of one-third of the guitar’s price places a contract on that guitar. The guitar is held for you until you complete all payments - an additional two months for the second and third payments which follow at 30 and 60 days from original purchase. The third and final payment will include any other ancillary costs such as shipping. When payment is complete, your new Ballurio guitar will be shipped to you.

Should you decide not to purchase a guitar on which you have placed a payment; Ballurio Guitars will retain a total of 10% of the total cost of the guitar. A check for the remaining funds will be returned. Additionally, Ballurio Guitars views any delayed payment on the remaining installment(s) of a guitar as a breach of this contract and thus the contract is terminated.

Unfortunately, this offer can only be provided on guitars currently in inventory and marked available for this payment plan and is not applicable to custom orders.

denotes guitars that are available for the Flexible Payment Program.