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Custom Shop Home:

Build Cycle - We start our guitar builds at the beginning of each month. The turn-around time for most guitars is between two and three months, however this is contingent on the custom's particulars. Often, the time specified for completion will have about a two week window. This serves as a basic estimation guideline although occasionally delays do happen. 

To offer you the highest quality guitar, Ballurio Guitars builds each of our instruments completely by hand. We craft our guitars to provide decades of enjoyment, taking the time to ensure quality.

At Ballurio Guitars, we offer a variety of guitar types and models to appeal to a wide range of tastes. However, should you want an instrument that is not in our standard catalog, we are here to assist you in customizing your selections of woods and components to create your signature guitar.

Our guitars are exceptional instruments offered at competitive prices. For our available standard guitars, we offer a 5-day money back guarantee (we cannot offer this on custom-built guitars) and limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all our instruments.

Ballurio Philosophy 101...

We believe in:

  • Selecting the finest woods available

  • Designing guitars that use the native wood's resonance properties to achieve excellent sound and tonal variations

  • Spending the time necessary to finish each element of a Ballurio Guitar - no scrimping on time and materials

  • Building guitars to be played not just looked at

  • Constructing the finest guitars at a fair price

  • Offering new models while constantly improving our current ones

We donít believe in:

  • Overloading our guitars' appearance with fringe. Mother of Pearl and other decorative elements may look sexy, but they do nothing for the sound of a guitar. We use Mother of Pearl, Gold MOP and Paua Abalone as an accent for our guitars.

  • Using standard shapes that have been used by every guitar builder past and present.