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Custom Shop Home: Design & Construction

Standard Build Features:

  • Through-body neck design with ETR

  • 25" scale neck with 12" radius fingerboard 

  • Compensating fingerboard drop-off

  • Jumbo frets of high quality 18% nickel-silver for long lasting support (.110 high x .100 wide)

  • Smooth body-to-neck sculpted heel

  • Premium grade domestic woods

  • Two-way truss rod with graphite rod reinforcement

  • Schaller locking tuners, quality construction with smooth operation and precise 16:1 gear ratio.

  • Zero Fret for improve intonation and sustain

  • Graph Tec Nut with microscopic lubricants which is more slippery than graphite allowing strings to roll back into tune during bends and tremolo work 

  • Shock Reduction Circuit (SRC) standard, limiting any shock to about 40 volts which is still unpleasant, but this will help guard against a potentially lethal shock

  • Control cavity heavy gauge copper shielding

  • KTM-9 waterborne high gloss finish

Design & Construction Overview

Through-body neck design provides excellent playability, sustain and body-to-neck transition comfort. Angled headstock improves sustain. When used in combination with Schaller locking tuners, it helps keep the guitar in perfect tune.

Zero Fret & Graphite Nut improve intonation and sustain, ensuring excellent string height and playability. Two-way truss rod with two graphite rod reinforcements provide strength and stability.
Compensating fingerboard drop-off helps compensate for the natural tendency of the neck to pull forward under string tension.  This drop-off is between .015-.020" at the the upper portion of the fingerboard's 24th fret and between .020-.040" at the lower end of the fingerboard, helping to offset for larger dimensioned strings. Energy Transfer Rods (ETR) a technique that augments energy transfer between the neck and body, increasing sustain and depth of resonance.

Optional personalized inlay provides that personal touch for your custom guitar. Numerous electronic control configurations using only the finest components from Grayhill and CTS are available to give you the control you want from your custom guitar.

KTM-9 Waterborne High Luster Finish is standard on all models with optional  proprietary hand-rubbed Tung Oil finishing technique used for a durable, stunning natural finish. String through-body on fixed bridges enhances string energy transfer into the body, improving sustain and dynamics.