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Ballurio Guitars: Shipping Your Ballurio Guitar

Damage due to improper packaging or rough handling during shipping happens all the time.  Before shipping your guitar we urge you to consider having your guitar packaged professionally via stores like Mailbox Etc or UPS Stores. This insures that the shipper is responsible for packaging and, should anything happen in transit it will be easier to make a claim, particularly at a UPS Store.  However, should you wish to package your guitar yourself, these are the recommended packaging and shipping guidelines (while we cannot guarantee the successful shipment of your guitar by following these guidelines you have a greater chance for success).


1)      PACKAGING TAPE.  Reinforced fiber tape is recommended however not completely necessary… something about 2 inches wide will work nicely.


3)      BUBBLE WRAP, PACKING PEANUTS AND/OR NEWSPAPER.  The combination of bubble wrap and packing peanuts is an excellent combination, however black and white newsprint type paper will work if you do not have access to the pre-mentioned (save your Sunday paper).

4)      A SHIPPING BOX.  A number of vendors sell guitar boxes.  In addition, UPS and other moving and storage facilities have a number of boxes that will also work, however they may be a bit large, thus you’re paying more for shipping as well as working harder to fill the box.  If these options are not available, check with your local music store they may have something that will work.  You may also wish to save the box your Ballurio Guitar came in as you may wish to send your guitar back to us for your planned checkups.  ULINE (www.uline.com) has a corrugated guitar shipping box model (S-4922), that works very nicely.

5)      PATIENCE!


  • If the guitar has a tremolo bar remove it and place a soft piece of cloth under the front of the tremolo between it and the bridge pickup, the goal is to place it between the wood and hardware to stop any marring that may take place once the strings are loosened.  Remember to wrap it and include it in the case or gig bag, however don’t place it over the body… ensure that it will not come into contact with the guitar in any fashion.

  • Ensure that there are no loose screws.  Check the truss cover and control cavity to ensure these screws are in-place and tight.

  • Release the tension on the strings sufficiently so that gravity allows the strings to lay flat on the fingerboard when the guitar is lying on its back.  This will ensure that tension on the neck will not be present should the guitar be in an accident.  Take several paper towels the length of the fingerboard and place them between the strings and the body/fingerboard.

  • After you have loosened the strings, align the tuning keys to be parallel with the headstock. 

  • Use your Ballurio Gig Bag (if available) as the guitar should fit snugly in the bag. However should there be any movement, fill the bag with some of your packing material to restrict any movement.

  • If your have a Ballurio Soft Case lay the guitar in the case and evaluate if it moves.  If it does, fill the open areas with packing material to again restrict movement.   NOTE: A key factor here is to support the headstock and the neck at the point where the neck meets the body, your goal is the have the guitar fit snugly and not be able to move while supporting the neck at both the headstock and body joins.

  • Tape down any part on the gig bag or case that can move, movement during shipping is a bad thing.

NOTE:  Shippers often don’t consider their actions and may leave a box in the elements if it rains there may be unintentional damage to a guitar!  So an additional safeguard that can help protect against a potential problem is to wrap your packaged guitar prior to placing it in the shipping box in a large 55 gallon trash bag and tape the top.  This will help to keep moisture out should such a situation arise.

  • PLEASE don’t attempt to ship a guitar without a gig bag or case.


  • Tape of the bottom of the box, ensuring the seam is secure, additional tape across the bottom of the box to augment the seam can be used.

  • Place a sheet of paper (newspaper) at the bottom of the box as this will help prevent some of your packing material from slipping out from the bottom of the box if is mishandled.

  • Fill 1/3 of the bottom of the box with your packing material, ensuring a good cushion is present.

  • Place the guitar in gig bag or case with the headstock up in the center of your box.  Ensure you have room on all sides of the guitar to add more packing material between the guitar and the sides of the box.

  • Fill in the remaining gaps in the box with packing material to the top the box.  Over fill the box just a bit to ensure a snug fit once the box is sealed, and remember to place a piece of paper (newspaper) on the top like you did on the bottom of the box.

  • With your packing tape the edges of the box closed.  It won’t hurt to seal it really, really well!

  • Label the box really well as follows:

    • With arrows point toward the top of the box on all sides of the box. Add the word “TOP” to the actual top of the box.

    • Write the words “THIS SIDE UP” in large print.

    • Also on all four sides of the box as well as the top of the box write “FRAGILE… PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE”

  • Clearly label that the package is to be sent to Ballurio Guitars (the address will be forwarded once a RAC - Return Authorization Code - has been transmitted).  Please clearly mark who it is from as well.  Place this label at the top or on one of the sides toward the top.  If you use the UPS Store, they will make a label and place it on your box.


Ballurio Guitars uses UPS with great success and to date we’ve had no problems.  And I cannot personally recommend sending through the US Mail.  US Mail insurance claims may take an extremely long time for settlement. UPS is typically easier to deal with concerning claims although if they did not pack the guitar you might have some issues proving that the packaging was sufficient. 


  • Insure your package for the replacement cost of your guitar.

  • If you ship with UPS, FedEx or other make sure you get the “Tracking Number.”

  • Email this tracking number to Ballurio Guitars at the email address service@ballurio.com letting us know it on the way or you may call if you prefer.

To request this service, please contact us for return authorization and shipping instructions at service@ballurio.com.