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Ballurio Guitars: Settling In Service

When a Ballurio Guitar leaves the shop, the action (string height over the frets) is set low (your personal preference for action depends on your playing style) and the neck is straight. We monitor our custom guitars for several weeks after setup; however, within a few weeks or months a guitar "settles in"  to its environment (become acclimated to the relative humidity and temperature of this new environment). As a result, the action may rise up making it necessary to lower the action or slightly adjust the truss rod (a slight forward bow on the neck is best). This is a normal and expected occurrence. To allot for this,  Ballurio Guitars offers a free Settling In Service that the original owner of a Ballurio guitar can take advantage of within the first three months of ownership.  This service will make any necessary "tweaks" required during this three month  period. The Owner is responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance to and from Ballurio Guitars.

To request this service, please contact us for return authorization and shipping instructions at guitarservice@ballurio.com.