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Our goal is to bring to you the best guitar products at reasonable prices and to continuously seek out new items to keep your Ballurio Guitar in tip-top condition.

Ballurio Premium Paste Wax


Price for a  6 oz tin $7.95

Ballurio Premium Paste Wax adds beauty and shine to your guitar while protecting it from moisture.

To Use Ballurio Paste Wax:

Make sure that the surface of your finish is clean and free of any dirt.

Apply a small amount of paste wax to the center of a piece of lint-free, soft cotton cloth. (Think sparingly - A little goes a long way!)

Twist the cloth into a ball in your hand and knead it to soften the wax.

Gently apply the cloth to the surface of the finish letting the wax spread over the cloth and then onto the surface.

Wax may be applied in any direction, using either a circular motion or straight with grain. Once the wax is applied, it will be glossy because of the amount of solvent it contains. As this evaporates, it will begin to look hazy as it turns to a solid this excess will need to be wiped off and buffed.

Work on a small area at a time, wiping off the excess with a clean piece of lint-free soft cotton cloth and buffing the surface with the cloth to achieve an even sheen.

Start slowly when you first start working with this wax because if you wait too long to remove the excess it is more difficult to get off.


Ballurio Microfiber Polishing Cloth


Super ultra-soft, high-quality polishing cloth to keep your guitar looking new.  These are 15.5" x 15.5" microfiber consisting of 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide and are machine washable, perfect for wax removal and absolutely will not transfer lint.  Great for safely lifting dust, dirt, and grit from your guitar's surface trapping the particles deep within the woven cloth. 

These cloths are packaged in a reusable PVC storage case and are a great complement with Ballurio Premium Paste Wax!! 



Ballurio Wear - Shirts

These are our premium 100% cotton short sleeved T-shirt.  They come in yellow, blue and black with a embroidered multi-color Ballurio Guitars logo on the front.


Specify Color (Black, Blue or Yellow), available sizes small, medium, large or extra large

Ballurio Wear - Hats

These are our premium 100% cotton brushed cotton twill. Enzyme washed; low-profile;  sewn eyelets; self-fabric closure with brass snap; with our great looking embroidered Ballurio logo.


One Size Fits All

Premium Leather Guitar Strap

High quality genuine leather guitar strap made from the same premium leather as our leather gig bags. The Ballurio logo is embossed into the leather.


 Premium Gig Bag

This is our premium gig bag that ships with many of our guitar models.  It has a  multi-layer, multi-density foam that protects against impact and absorbs shock.  Additionally, a light-weight, ultra-strong honeycombed technology is contained within the frame, resulting in a exceptionally tough, durable gig bag for your investment.

Price $98.95

 Standard Gig Bag

This is our standard gig bag that ships with our Stage Series guitar models.  It has a  luggage-grade 600-denier black ballistic nylon exterior, red velvet lining and 20mm padding that protects against impact and absorbs shock.  Additionally, it has multi-stacked accessory pockets with adjustable,  backpack-style, padded shoulder straps and side handles, and a back-mounted music folder pocket.

Price $36.95


 Small Gig Bag

This is our electric gig bag designed for our small body guitar models.  It is made of tough 600 denier polyester and includes 15mm padding, large exterior pocket, backpack straps, Velcro handle wrap, and brush-cloth lining with string and bridge protection.

Price $25.95